Course Syllabus

TCVM for Veterinary Technicians is a course with an online and an on-site session.  The online portion consists of 13 hours of lectures that can be streamed on-demand over a period of two months.  The on-site session is held over a two-day period on the Chi Campus.  The syllabus for the course is given below:

Online Portion:
 Yin-Yang (1 hr)
 Dr. Cheryl Chrisman 
 Eight Principles (1 hr)  Dr. Cheryl Chrisman
 Five Elements (2 hrs)  Dr. Cheryl Chrisman
 Acupuncture: Scientific Basis (2 hrs)  Dr. Roger Clemmons
 Zang-fu Physiology (2 hrs)  Dr. Roger Clemmons
 Energy Pathway: A Meridian System (2 hrs)
 Dr. Huisheng Xie
 TCVM Overview (3 hrs)
 Dr. Huisheng Xie
On-site Portion:
 Time  Day 1
 Day 2
 8:00-8:30am  Registration
 Food Therapy for Pets
 8:30-12:30pm  Introduction to Dr. Han-ping's Tui-na Techniques  10 Acupuncture Techniques and Procedures:
 Indications and Contraindications
 12:30-1:30pm  LUNCH BREAK  (complimentary lunches provided)
 1:30-3:30pm  Wet Lab: Tui-na
 Wet Lab: Vet Tech Acupuncture Protocols
 (Electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, how to calm patients, duration of needling, removal of needles)
 3:30-5:30pm  Physical Therapies and the TCM Life Style (Exercises, qi-gong, and tai-ji)
 What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?
 How to Administer Herbal Medicine to Pets
 (Dosage and usage, instructions to owners)

The on-site portion of the class is split between lectures and labs.

Vet tech acupuncture protocols, such as how to assist with electro-acupuncture, are covered in a wet lab on day two.

Students learn tui-na on each other and animals during the tui-na wet lab.