Student Feedback

I use acupuncture daily in practice and the topics covered on site helped build confidence with my TCVM diagnosis and herbal choices. Thank you immensely for this exposure and opportunity to learn from such skilled colleagues.

Mendy Leshy, DVM (Dublin, OH) 

This course was the perfect way for me to up my game now that I have been seeing patients for a few years and know what I am struggling with. I learned new techniques, points, and refined some concepts so it was a phenomenal experience for me and completely worth it!


Whitney Will, DVM (New Fairfield, CT) 

It was all great! Really helped to confirm and cement the knowledge from the basic course. The small brief lab sessions were great!


Kim Smith, DVM (Hampstead, NC) 


The course was excellent. The instructors were great. The course was very practical and exceeded my expectations.


Sarah Quentin, DVM (Fort Bragg, CA) 


Dr. Xie is a great speaker with a wealth of knowledge. He presents the information in a clear and easy to understand format. I always learn something new.

Elizabeth McKinstry, VMD (Kennett Square, PA) 

I love the classes. They are very informative and provide insight into treatment options. I like the consistency that is offered in going over the cases. I realize with numerous instructors that could vary greatly but it seems all instructors follow similar methods of teaching the course material.


Deb Morris, DVM (Conroe, TX) 

I loved this course! Each speaker and lab moderator was top-notch with their own particular talent in presenting the material. This led to a wonderfully well rounded experience. As always when I return from Chi, I am excited to incorporate what I have learned and to further promote TCVM in my local community. My only regret was that it was over too soon.

 Janet Tomlin, DVM (Columbus, GA)

I look forward to improving my TCVM diagnosis thanks to this course, employing auricular and scalp acupuncture into my everyday practice and starting to understand and use herbal therapies.


Malcolm Kram, DVM (Wilmington, DE) 

The Fri afternoon lab time spent in small groups working up cases together was GREAT. We had plenty of staff support and were able to learn from our colleagues as well. The presentations and discussions helped us all to learn from each case.


Liz Fish, DVM (Oneonta, NY)

I definitely am committed to incorporating more acupuncture into most of my cases after this course. I believe I have a better understanding now of how to come to a TCVM diagnosis...Thank You!

Lisa Grim, DVM (Rancho Santa Fe, CA) 

Over all the energy was great and the effort by each of the individuals involved was fabulous.  The facilities and support staff superb (that would include you!) and I very much appreciated the warm Welcome I received and the effort to make me feel a part of the Chi Family.  It was great to meet you all and especially my old friend Dr. Xie. 

Kevin May, DVM (El Cajon, CA) 

It was a great class and it gave me more self-confidence and will allow me to be a better acupuncturist in both small and large animals. Thanks for a great class!

Debra Schafer, DVM (Velpen, IN) 


The Advanced class really solidified the regular class but added “pearls of wisdom”.  What a pleasure to be back at Chi!!

Keri Garcia, DVM (Aberdeen, NJ)