Advanced CE Courses

Covering all four branches of TCVM, the Advanced CE Courses are the next step to your TCVM training.

Chi Institute's advanced CE Courses are offered to veterinarians with prior acupuncture or other types of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) training in order to broaden and deepen their knowledge of TCVM. These courses are intended to offer practitioners comprehensive training in all the major branches of TCVM (acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy, and Tui-na). The prerequisite requirements and course structure vary from course to course. Browse through the advanced courses below to find out more.

  • Advanced TCVM Diagnostics and Acupuncture is a wet lab workshop offered to veterinary acupuncturists to expand their technical knowledge of acupuncture and to strengthen their TCVM diagnostic skills.  Two versions of the course are offered separately to small animal and equine practitioners.

  • Food therapy is the branch of Chinese Medicine that utilizes the energetic properties of food to correct and prevent imbalances in the body. The Veterinary Food Therapy course includes lectures as well as labs, where instructors demonstrate the preparation of food in fully-stocked kitchens.

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine, a major branch of Chinese Medicine, is an all-natural treatment option that is generally safe and effective when prescribed correctly.  The Veterinary Herbal Medicine Course, offered over five modules, certifies students in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine.

  • Tui-na is a manual therapy similar to chiropractics and massage that is a branch of TCVM. In the Veterinary Tui-na course, students learn Tui-na techniques on live animals and on each other.